ISBT Basel 2019
ISBT Basel 2019

ISBT Basel 2019

29th Regional Congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusions (ISBT) in the Basel Congress Center (BCC) on June 22 – 26, 2019. 

How preparation overcame a challenging infrastructure

Hall 4 at the BCC is an exhibition hall with multiple floors, (only) two elevators, and parking space for two trucks to be unloaded at a time. To set up an exhibition, this is less than ideal.  Valverde had to organize the logistics for the seventy-five exhibitors and the organization at ISBT Basel. We had eighteen hours to do it. During the site visit, we became aware of this tricky spacial planning well before the show. This allowed us to come up with a strategy and get the logistical planning on point. 

Still there was time to enjoy the view

Then it was time for the build-up. We had two forklifts and eight workers with electro pallet trucks (EPT), ready to go. The elevator hinges were greased up and a maintenance man was on standby. A broken-down elevator would not be allowed to delay the process. At the end of the day, thirty-five trailers were unloaded; the contents distributed across the different floors and the exhibitors were happy. 

Preparation takes you so far but you cannot control the weather.

Of course, the logistics process did not end there. All the empty crates (over 600m3) needed to be taken out of the hall for storage during the show. Then back again after the show for break down. Finally, when the trucks were loaded they were moved to their next destination. During that move-out, it was 42°C (107°F) outside without shade. Our amazing team did not let that stop them. With some precautions against the heat, they managed to move everything out promptly. Now we can happily look back at a challenging, but very successful show.

A great team and equal preparations will make sure you are always in control, on time and in place.

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