Event Transport

Regular transport and logistics are a piece of cake compared to Event Transport and logistics. In events, bringing the shipment(s) from point A to B is not enough. Your materials might have to go from point A to point B, to C, back to B and then off to E and D. Besides that, not arriving on time is NOT an option. Not to mention the plans that change in transit. That is why event logistics require a certain touch of ingenuity and creativity that only a professional event freight forwarder as Valverde can provide.


  • Are an exhibitor or sponsor at exhibitions around Europe or the world
  • Are an agent with clients going to multiple events worldwide
  • Are in the performing arts industry and going abroad or even on tour; nationally, regionally, worldwide (think:: orchestras, theater acts, stand-up comedy artists, singers, bands, etc.)
  • Are in the fine arts industry, showing pieces at expositions
  • Are in the sports industry, attending or organizing international events.
  • Have multiple corporate events in different locations.
  • Are, basically, all over the place.


  • Go through your calendar and requirements with you and decide on the most effective and (cost-)efficient transport plan.
  • Make sure your shipments are safe and secure during the whole tour.
  • Are there for your shipments, during events, during the installations and the dismantling, and during the transports.
  • Ensure all shipments arrive and leave each event in compliance with all rules and regulations set by venues, organizers and you.
  • Keep you informed anytime, in real-time about the status of the freight and the progress of the transport.
  • Provide straight forward transport without risk. No jumping between 20 countries because it is cheaper. Finding the best direct route to your destination with trusted and safe transporters.

Making your on-site corporate presence possible and flexible.

Corporate presence: anywhere, anytime.

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Logistics are covered

‘Logistics are covered, by this powerhouse firm. This is a great and reassuring  feeling when you are realizing a large international event!

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