You are an exhibitor or event sponsor

When you decide to sponsor any event or to be an exhibitor, you know what you want. You know who will go there, what stories you want to tell, and what you want to get out of it. The question is: how will it get there? We cannot take everything out of your hands (sorry, you need to book your own hotel). But, we can take over the most complex part and provide you with the event logistics services you need.

The perfect picture

At a tradeshow/congress/conference you:
Give away marketing material
Hand out giveaways
Showcase a demo or model of your product/service
Demonstrate a working product
Reconstruct a scenario
Bring a hovercraft, a real Monet or a stick of enriched uranium (because: why not?)

To reach your goal

You need a partner who can:
Pick up from your doorstep, have your materials ready at the show, bring it back afterward. All without worry for you about the processes in between.
Transport any goods, no matter how complex, expensive or specific
Operate worldwide
Guard the physical integrity of your shipments
Create and execute a multi-event transport plan with the highest (cost) efficiency
Provide on-site support and supervision

Let us be there for you

All in place, when the lights turn on

We make your on-site corporate presentation possible and flexible.
Our Event Logistics Services is our tailor-made service for any exhibitor or sponsor at any event.

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Corporate presence: anywhere, anytime

If you participate in multiple events, you do not want your freight to needlessly bounce around. Check out our Event Transport. We work hard to find the best transport plan fitting to your needs.

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Event calendar

Maybe we are already going to the same event as you. Visit our Event Calendar and find out. We are happy to help or meet up in person on-site. Will we see you there?


What our clients say

Logistics are covered

‘Logistics are covered, by this powerhouse firm. This is a great and reassuring  feeling when you are realizing a large international event!

EA Exhibitions
Professional Event Organizer

Get In Touch

We understand trusting someone new with your freight is not a simple task. Let us try to ease your mind. See who has trusted us before by looking at Our References.
Start with something simple: put in a Request for Quote and let us show you how we work.
Contact us. It is always better to hear a voice than to read a text. Yes, that internet thing in your pocket: you can use it to talk to someone. It’s called calling. Feel free to ask us anything.