SABODM Annual Meeting 2019

Annual SABODM meeting in the British Museum in the spring of 2019.

There is no such thing as not enough time

You probably can imagine that moving two hundred chairs from our warehouse in Amsterdam to the British Museum for a fancy dinner sounds simple enough. Well, the problem with this particular event was time. The venue had such a tight schedule for this gathering that we only had forty-five minutes to move the chairs into the room. Two hundred chairs, forty-five minutes!

In our warehouse, the chairs are neatly stored in boxes on pallets. This is easy for transport but at the venue, this will eat away a lot of time. Therefore, we consulted with the client and showed them the constraints we were under due to the time. Together we came up with a plan. 

No two events are alike, so every logistics solution has to be tailor-made.

In the warehouse, we unpacked the chairs, prepared them for use (cleaning and new felt under the legs), and gave them a simple plastic sheet to protect them during transport. 

On the day of the dinner, we were with two of our people and ten local guys at the British Museum to move the chairs in place. The chairs had to be walked from the truck, up the stairs, and to the table. We started as soon as we could. To everyone’s surprise, we finished in thirty minutes, giving us plenty of time to dot some I’s and cross some T’s. Four hours later it was time to pack up chairs for transport back to Amsterdam.  Now the chairs are back in their boxes, relaxing until they will be needed again.

‘Great things in business are never done by one person’ – Steve Jobs

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