Highlights are those things in life that make it worth living. That is why here at Valverde we like to celebrate them, big or small.
Because as we say in Dutch: he who doesn’t honor the small things, is not worthy of the big ones.

Here’s what September 2019 brought us:

  • Three new members for our work family. We are happy to welcome Robin van Koert, Brian Karmelk, and Esther de Waard into our ranks. We are sure they will do great things for us.
  • We went to the Parcel & Post Expo and IBC and when we left all the clients were happy.
  • We were the official for Cloud Foundry Summit and we rocked it. 
  • We got our first very own branded trailer, rolled out of the factory.
  • We had cake in the office because someone lost a bet (those taste that much sweeter).
  • We started our cycling tournament; whoever cycles to the office the most will win a price (just have to figure out what…)
valverde trailer september 2019