11 - 14 Jun 2022


08:00 - 18:00

ESHG 2022

The European Human Genetics Conference (ESHG) is being held in Vienna in 2022. ESHG strives to bring you what is at the forefront of human genetics both scientifically and technologically without losing sight of educating the upcoming generation of human geneticists.

ESHG will take place in the Austria Center Vienna, a conference center that took 4 years to build. Opened in 1987, it has been Austria’s largest conference centre ever since. With 19 halls, 180 meeting rooms, 26,000m² of exhibition/ networking space, a capacity of up to 22,800, it’s among the top destinations on the international conference circuit. It is the only conference centre in the world that is located right next door to a UN headquarter.