EA Exhibitions and Valverde

When you work together with Valverde and EA Exhibitions for trade shows and congresses, something amazing happens. Two all-round specialists (yes, that’s a thing) in their respective fields will lift your event production to a whole new level. 

EA Exhibitions provides complete operational support

  • General contracting
  • Stand packages, custom stands
  • Show services: electrics, rigging, internet, plumbing
  • Additional exhibitor services: AV, hostesses, catering
  • Signage and general trade show decoration
  • Registration area, VIP lounges, business centers, and specials.
  • User-friendly exhibitor portal

Valverde provides complete logistical support

  • Transportation
  • Storage (pre-, during, and post-show)
  • Logistics coordination (pre-, during, and post-show)
  • On-site logistical support
  • A temporary infrastructure
  • Traffic management
  • Direct logistical assistance with participants

In the meantime: check out the website of EA Exhibitions

EA Exhibitions

Curious what Valverde and EA Exhibitions can do for you together? 

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