Do you know TED? Not that bear from that movie but I mean TED, Technology, Entertainment, and Design. A platform for talks about anything and everything that in one way or another applies to one of these three subjects. Many apply to business as well as events. Joanna Bloor of the Amplify Lab talked about the perfect introduction. Perfect for meetings at events. We have extracted her 5 main tips and explain them here.

Unforgetable introduction

In the event business, meeting face to face is invaluable. As we are in ‘Event logistics’, we are in the event business and our most valued relationships are forged and maintained on location, in person. Bloor explains how you should answer that inevitable first question. Anyone doing face to face business meetings and networking can relate will benefit to say what you do differently.

What is that first question?

When meeting new people the inevitable question is: “What do you do?” Getting that initial face to face meeting right makes the difference between business made and business lost.
The answer to this question is a key factor in determining whether you are another face in the crowd: a person from company x, doing something (the expected answer). Or, you become that one unforgettable person, with whom people want to connect (business aside). You have to recraft our reply to this very important question to represent better who you are rather than just what your job is. As you know, you are so much more than what you do.

Nail the perfect introduction

the 5 tips

Bloor thoroughly explains that finding a new answer is not a standard formula and might require some soul searching. However, once you have found it, results will show quite instantly.

In short, here is what you do.

  1.  Think about what exactly you want to be known for, rather than a collective term of all your activities (aka a job title). This can be something general or philosophical, rather than an activity.
  2. Any job is a solution to a problem (even if that problem wouldn’t exist without the job). What problem do you solve?
  3. Ask others for input. It might be hard or embarrassing sometimes but others can see how you shine much better than most people can see for themselves.
  4. What was your special skill as a child, usually that still applies to what you do now.
  5. Show emotions and vulnerability. Tell people what that one thing is you really like to do (in your job), opening up like that will make your conversation partner do the same.


After taking these tips and moulding them into the perfect opener, you have to test it out. Get feedback from some of your conversation partners a few days after. When you meet someone, tell them you found an article and want to try it out and know their thoughts. This is also a conversation starter on its own. Most importantly Bloor states that you should resist reverting to your old intro. In the beginning, it might be strange to come with such a different response than the one expected. But besides answering a simple question: “what do you do”, this soul search will also lead to a deeper understanding of your own life.

What do Í do???

Hi, I am Valverde. I can get anything anywhere, anytime, so our clients can shine whenever and wherever they want. Seeing our clients relaxed because their materials are in good hands, is what we strive for every time.